• 20 years of faces

    20 and counting

    23rd April 2001 was the start of my time with Youth for Christ Gloucestershire. The last twenty years has been quite a journey. Highs, lows, challenges and opportunities. Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the previous two decades. 

  • Stables and School Halls

    The COVID-19 crisis led us to launch our media project. Over the past few months, we have continued to produce more online assemblies for our YouTube channel.

  • Online youth work

    Hanna is our Church Partnership Youth Worker. Her role involves running the youth work for the South Cheltenham group of churches. Here she tells us how she has managed her groups throughout the pandemic.

  • Martin Luther King Jnr

    Human together

    After six years of reading glasses, I knew my eyesight wasn't right. It had deteriorated and I needed varifocals to correct my vision. Without new glasses, I would not be able to see how things really were. I think it is time for everyone to put on some glasses, as our eyesight is defective, and we need to see other people as they really are.

  • Take the knee

    Take the knee

    When a black person is usually spoken about on television or written about in the newspaper the headline is normally ‘Another young black person has lost their life.’ Or ‘Another young black person has been shot by the police.’ We read the headlines, we might read the article, then we move onto the next story. It’s removed from most people’s lives so it’s not spoken about for long enough.

  • Black Lives Matter

    The Elephant in the bathroom

    The walls of our home have seen some cracking conversations with our kids, no questions are prohibited, my husband and I often exchange quick glances of 'You can answer that one', or 'where did that come from!' but we keep the dialogue open and if we don't know we try our best to find out.