Schools work

Each week we work in a number of schools providing a range of services to the school and students.  We look to be involved in and serve the whole school community providing the support that is needed.  This support will look different in each school, reflecting the needs of their community.  We work in partnership with the schools.  Being invited in to a school to support students in whatever form is a privilege that we take very seriously.  Some of the types of work we do are:

  • After school clubs
  • Lunch time detached work
  • Mentoring
  • Group work
  • Assemblies
  • Christian Unions
We are always willing to talk with new schools about how we can support them.

Clubs in Schools

We run a number of clubs in schools each week.  New students are always welcome to join our groups, all of which are free.  We are currently running the following groups:

Winchcombe School Christian Union

Each Wednesday lunchtime the group meets for some fun and games and looking at the difference Jesus makes in our lives.

All Saints Academy Rock Solid

Every Tuesday after school Rock Solid meets in the Music room at ASA.  The group is a mixture of games, questions and discussion about the big questions of life.

Pittville School Explore

The Rock Solid group at Pittville meets after school every Thursday to ask questions and to explore lifes big issues and questions.

Bournside School Christian Union

The Christian Union at Bournside meets every Thursday lunchtime in the English department  Through a mixture of games, videos  and discussion the group explore ways to apply their faith in their lives.