Supporting Young People

Being a teenager can be tough.  It is a time of significant change in every way, biologically, emotionally, educationally and most significantly it is a time when young people are exploring who they are, what they think and what they believe about almost everything.  Many young people we encounter struggle through these changes without a great level of support.  Our team provide support to a number of young people both inside and outside of school who need an adult to listen to them and support them through their challenges.  These challenges could involve issues in school, problems at home, identity and self esteem, relationship issues, exam stress, firendship issues, bullying or making significant decisions, to name but a few.  Our team provide a listening ear and signpost young people to specialised services when required.  Many of the young people we work with would not meet the criteria for a funded service and would therefore often not be able to get the support they need.  Frequently a listening ear supports a young person enough to prevent the issue becoming unmanageable.