Living Beyond

Man looking over cityscape.

In October 2023, we are launching a new residential. The weekend will look at what following Jesus really looks like. We are designed to live beyond the every day, beyond ourselves and create a different life for Jesus. Living Beyond is a weekend where we will explore what it means to live beyond the ordinary to serve our extraordinary God.

Living Beyond Yourself:
How do we take our faith and live it in such a way that other people are drawn to Jesus?

Living Beyond Limits:
God can use you more than you can imagine.

Living Beyond our Friendships:
What would be different about our friendships if we lived our lives as Jesus would live them?

Living Beyond Comfort:
Would we make a bigger impact if we lived in such a way that Jesus was our top priority? How can you share your faith in your community?

Throughout the weekend we will have times of teaching, prayer, worship and reflections on how Jesus wants us to live our lives differently. We will learn how to share our faith with others and understand further how much God loves us.

Come and explore how to live beyond with other like-minded young people.

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