Starting with Jesus

Pray 365

Just over two years ago we committed ourselves to grow a greater culture of prayer within the life of our ministry. We have moved things forward but 2017 is time for a jump. Along with the whole of YFC in Britain we are committing to a year of prayer.
We are committing to start with Jesus, each day in surrender to Him. We choose to stand with Jesus, standing firm in Him as we journey with Him. Finally we choose to stay with Jesus in unswerving commitment to Him and His mission.

What will this look like?  It does not mean we will hide away for the year just praying.  We will continue our weekly prayer meeting on Thursday morning from 9am.  We will continue to pray on other occasions as a team.  In addition we intend to have three prayer days which will be open to everyone to join us praying for God to move amongst the young people in Gloucestershire.  Each day will be held in a different venue around the county.  We are looking at running 24/3 prayer over a long weekend, prayer walks around schools and areas we work in, prayer meetings for young people, team retreats and a retreat for youth workers.  In total we are looking to spend at least one full day a month praying.  We are also looking to increase the Exam Prayer facility we ran last year to provide a year round place for young people to seek prayer on any issue.  We are looking to create a specific website for this in the new year.

We would like to invite you to stand with us in prayer.  That can involve praying at home, coming to some of the prayer events, leading a prayer meeting at your church or committing to pray for our ministry every week.  We know that as we stand in prayer God moves.  We also know that it is in the place of prayer that we are changed.  We want God to change us and make us more like Him through our year of prayer but we also want to see Him move in the lives of the 150,000 young people in the county of  Gloucestershire.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.