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Recently I came across a great question “What one thing will you do this term to ensure you have space for Jesus to speak to you?”  As an extrovert it is a challenging question.  I like to be active and I like to do things.  Stopping and finding space in my ministry is one of my biggest challenges.  The danger is that if I don’t it is very easy for me to work for Jesus but not with Him.  It is easy to judge our ministries on our apparent successes yet it is our faithfulness that is the best bench mark.  If we fail to stop and listen to what Jesus is saying it is much harder to be faithful to what He asks us to do.  In a world obsessed with busyness stopping and listening is quite counter cultural.   Even as I look at my week this week I can find it harder to find a place for Jesus amongst the busyness.  Stopping is a very intentional act yet it does not simply mean silence and stillness.  As I rode across the Lake District and the Pennines during the Coast to Coast I had plenty of opportunities to spending time talking with and listening to Jesus.  Amidst the physical fatigue came spiritual refreshment.  The question challenges us all to find time to give Jesus space.  We also have a responsibility to challenge each other.  If you see me, please challenge me as to how we as an organisation and how I personally am finding space.  You could also encourage those in the youth team at your church to do the same.  Let them know a little less busyness is okay because it is in the space we give over that we receive our strength. 

Blog by Paul Bennett (Director)
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