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Wherever I go I seem to be faced with a recurring question. It often feels that the question defines me, or at least in others eyes. The question is “When are you going to do another cycle challenge?” It stems back to 2009 when I cycled to Annecy with Adam Legge and Simon Padley to raise money for Cheltenham YFC. After seven years it seems about time to have another challenge. This years challenge is not as big but it will still be a challenge nevertheless. In July I will be cycling from the West to East coast of Great Britain. It is one of the iconic cycle challenges in the UK and covers a hilly 150 miles from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. It is often tackled over three or more days but I will be doing it in two days. I am looking for a group of cycling companions to join me for this challenge to raise funds to develop our work in Gloucestershire. Two days of pain and sore legs are a small sacrifice to ensure that the Gospel reaches more young people. I will be trying to raise over £5000 towards a new worker to develop work around the county and to set up a number of new projects.

If you would like to join me or know someone who might then please get in touch. If you have never cycled this sort of distance before we can ensure you have a gentle training programme available to make sure you can complete it. If you join we can help you set up a Virgin Money Giving page to raise funds.

You may not want to join in the pain but please sponsor me to make it worthwhile. £5000 is a big target but well worth it for the change it will bring in young peoples lives. To sponsor me please visit my Sponsorship Page

Thank you.